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Listen To Your Body: 10 Signs You May Be Nutrient Deficient

Many of us strive to eat healthy everyday but it can be hard to know how well you are really doing.  How do you know if you’re eating enough of certain nutrients?  Is there really any way to know for sure?  Luckily, your body has a way of communicating potential nutrient deficiencies.  Learning to listen […]

Why Your Skin Changes Around Menstruation


Your skin is your body’s largest organ, and often outwardly reflects what’s going on inside.  This is true when it comes to menstruation.  If you ask any woman, no doubt she will agree that her monthly hormonal changes are often coupled with breakouts, especially around the chin area.  But why does this happen, and since […]

Cold-Water Fish & Omega -3 Fatty Acids


You’ve probably heard over and over again to eat fish at least 2x/week.  But does it really matter what kind of fish you eat? Well, if you’ve ever dabbled into the plethora of nutrition information on healthy diet recommendations, you’ve likely come across the more specific suggestion to eat more cold-water fish.   Geographically speaking, warm-water […]